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Top Tips to make your house move stress free

MyStore Team

Moving, alongside death and divorce ranks upon one of the most stressful experiences we can put ourselves through. It’s also something that nearly all of us will go through at least a few times in our lives, and can mark the beginning of a new and exciting chapter. While this blog can’t remove all the stress that goes with moving house, the advice in it might just help things run a bit smoother!

Plan ahead as much as you can:

Packing takes longer than we think. Start with all your off-season things, and items you won’t miss and if you’ve got a loft, don’t leave that till the night before (like I did!) or you’ll end up carting multiple boxes of completely useless ‘stuff’ and dumping it straight into your new homes loft!

Book early:

If you are planning to use professional movers enquire early as the good ones get booked up far in advance, get them out to quote, make your decision, and get them booked in! Professional movers like our sister company based in Charlbury, House and Carriage can remove the majority of the pain and stress from moving home.

Organise your packing materials:

If you are packing yourself, my best advice is don’t scrimp on packing boxes, double walled boxes are a must! MyStore Self Storage sell various moving bundles, tailor made for different sized house moves and include all the materials you will need. Try and calculate how many you might need, and get a range of sizes. Heavier items like books should never go in large boxes – putting your back out is the last thing you’ll need!

Make time for a big clear out:

Donate Clothes and linens to charity bins, and for the larger items and furniture, charity warehouses like Sobel House warehouse in Witney may be able to help. Declutter, donate or try and sell any items you know you don’t want to take with you – and put the profits towards something in the new house.

Start with rooms you use the least:

Sounds obvious, but you’ve got to start somewhere and making a start in your least used rooms will ease you into packing and not immediately impact on your general living space.

Make a detailed inventory:

As you go along, with a packing list if you can. Number the boxes and indicate where in the house they should end up.  That way you know what is in each box making unpacking a whole lot easier on the other side.

Check your home contents insurance:

Make sure your goods are covered for damage and breakages during the move.

Schedule utilities at the new house:

As soon as you have your dates, contact utility providers to schedule services at your new place. You don’t want to arrive at the new home and find no electricity, heating or water. Planning ahead is key while trying to organise broadband to a new property.

On the day:

Have an Essentials Box packed and keep it with you, alongside overnight bags for each member of the household.

Finally, take a breath! You’ve done it! And if you’ve run out of space in the new house and feel overwhelmed – contact the friendly and award-winning team at MyStore who can help you sort out 24/7 self-storage access, a home from home for your things.

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