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Working from home has been on the rise since the pandemic has proved it’s a workable solution. With rents, business rates and energy costs all on the up, it’s no surprise that more businesses are making the decision to move away from traditional office-based working, and more towards individuals’ homeworking. With teams coming together regularly in local cafes or spaces, often utilizing local self-storage facilities to keep stock or archives. The positives to working-from-home include zero commute (unless you include the shuffle from the bedroom to the kitchen) cheap lunches and wearing your slippers all day long!

Working From Home Resized

Working at desk at home

But how do you separate home-life from work-life?

Zone your space – Not everyone is lucky enough to have a home office. We can find ourselves hunched over our laptops perched on an uncomfortable chair, or constantly moving around the house. The best idea is to assign yourself a desk space. Keep it clear and clean during your work-day remember ‘Tidy desk, Tidy mind’!

Always keep your space for after-work relaxation as that and be sure not to bring work into your chill-out space. It’s important that these spaces remain separate if we are in our homes all day. Think relaxing light, soft textures with blankets and furnishings, and calming smells. Perhaps light candles or oil burners to heighten the soothing atmosphere.

Greenery – If you have some plants or succulents within view this can also be beneficial, they’ve been scientifically proven to improve concentration (by up to 38%!)

Breaks – Remember to take regular breaks and move away from your ‘work area’. When the weather allows, take your coffee to garden, have your zoom call in the local park – and top up your vitamin D levels!

Keep it tidy – Whichever ‘Space’ you are in at home, it’s important to keep it tidy. Sounds obvious, but when you’re at home full time clutter can quickly build. An untidy space leads to a cluttered mind and stress levels rise. Set yourself a little time each day after your workday is done to have a daily de-clutter and tidy. You’ll thank yourself when the weekend rolls round!

Clean And Fresh Work Space Resized

Tidy work space

If your home space is now filling with work stock or archive files, MyStore self-storage can definitely help. Keep your stuff in a convenient room at MyStore, with no business rates to contend with, no utilities or overheads, and opening hours that are tailored to your needs. Plus, with UE coffee roasters just around the corner – MyStore is the perfect location for a work catch up before popping into store to grab the stuff!

*OR you can always trust the lovely MyStore staff to put the kettle on for you!*

Mystore also offer a courier collection and drop off point – making sending and receiving super easy. 




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