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How to keep your home warm during an energy crisis

MyStore Team

Did you know that heating our homes accounts for over 70% of a households’ energy consumption?

We’re all living with the grim reality of  soaring energy prices in the UK, with prices set to further skyrocket…while the temperature drops. In light of this, I thought I would have a look at simple ways we can look to try and save energy and money. This blog will focus on keeping your home warm, without wasting money.

For example, for every degree you turn your thermostat down, could equate to a saving of £80 per year!

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Around 25% of heat from our homes can be lost through the roof. Reduce this by making sure your loft insulation is up to scratch, 25cm of insulation through the roof ensures maximum heat retention.

Another small change we can make is with our hot water tanks. Making sure your hot water tank is properly insulated, could save you up to £150 a year! Even just upgrading your tanks’ ‘old jacket’ will save you money.

Draught excluders were commonplace in our Nan’s generation, and for good reason! They’re a cheap solution to preventing heat loss by blocking those gaps underneath doors, this alone can save £25 a year from your heating bill (And can even be made from scrap materials and things you find in your store cupboard!)

Putting silver reflecting foil behind radiators on external walls can really help to deflect the heat back into the room – cheap and effective for keeping costs down.

Don’t touch that thermostat!

~Try grabbing a hot water bottle if you start to feel chilly, and have a stash of blankets by the sofa to snuggle under when you’re relaxing in the evening.
~Tuck your curtains behind your radiator when they’re drawn to prevent heat escaping.
~Keep curtains open during the day, the warmth from the sun heats the room for free. Then shut them at around 3pm through the winter to stop that heat escaping.
~A floating shelf above a radiator can help disperse heat into the centre of a room much more effectively.
~After cooking – leave your oven door open and warm your kitchen for free!

Implementing all the changes suggested above could save you £230 a year! With all that saved money, you could afford a room with us at MyStore – from just over £10 per week, join us for award-winning self-storage at a competitive price. Call us on 01993 224422 or email

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