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‘Eggcellent’ Easter Decorating ideas!

MyStore Team

The evenings are getting longer, Spring flowers are bursting into life. With Easter approaching, I thought I’d look at some affordable ways to decorate our homes and entertain the little ones.

Easter Tree

Easter Tree image

Easter Trees:

These are quite simply decorated twigs! Get outdoors and gather some. Willow twigs work well if you can find some out and about, or they can be bought in florists’ shops. Arrange the twigs in a vase, jar or jug. Try some painted eggs, tie on ribbons in spring colours or cut out your own easter shapes from magazines. Get the kids involved to make it special!

Table Centrepiece:

If you’re entertaining the family this Easter, or just want to make your home beautiful why not try a homemade centrepiece? Go foraging for some bark or a small log (or try upcycling an old Easter bonnet or basket). Find some foliage and moss to make an attractive base. Grab your glue gun and get creative! Try some spring flowers, eggshells, chicks, or even little wrapped chocolates to make it personal.

Eggcellent eggs:

Why not try the traditional method of egg-blowing? Simply make a small hole in the top and bottom of your egg (use a bit of masking tape to prevent cracking and puncture the hole with a drawing pin). Next, poke an unbent paper clip into the hole to mix up the white and yolk. Then blow from the top, over a bowl, to remove the insides. Rinse out the shell and leave to dry. From here you can paint the eggshells in pretty spring colours…Or perhaps use the shells as tiny vases. Add these to your centrepiece or even using the empty egg box as a centrepiece itself. Be as creative as you like!

Crafts with the kids:

Get yourself some templates of bunnies, chicks and egg shapes. Cut out a load in different sizes on card and include a small hole at the top. Select a palette of Spring colours and let the kids go nuts! Try using sponges or cotton buds to apply the paint for a different look. Once dried – use some string or ribbon to create pretty Easter bunting!

Make some salt dough! (2 cups of flour to one cup of salt), add water to make a stiff dough. Roll out and cut into Easter shapes. Use a pencil or something to create a hole near the top. Pop on a baking tray and bake on low until hard. Once cooled, decorate away! Give as little gifts or write names on as table places.


Bake some Easter biscuits, use up leftover Easter eggs and chocolate with a brownie recipe. Or try my tried and tested ‘Mini egg rocky road’ recipe! A hit with adults and kids!

If you run out of space to keep your beautiful creations at home. Why not consider taking a room with us at MyStore? With plenty of small rooms available, ideal for storing your decorations, for as little as £8 per week. Get in touch by filling out a contact form.

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