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Moving Day Essentials Box

MyStore Team

Moving Day is always frantic, full of last-minute checks and unexpected panics. The one thing you can do to save your sanity is be organised with your ‘Essentials’. This may comprise of one box for a single mover, or if you’re a large family a whole boot full! Whatever your situation, I have broken down the essential kit list into areas, hopefully ensuring nothing is overlooked.

New Home Key In Door

If you’re moving with children, sort out their sleeping arrangements first. Think ahead, if you know you won’t have curtains up, consider how you can bodge a makeshift curtain, or pack a stick-on blackout blind. The last thing you need after moving day is a dawn wake-up call from your kids!

Top Tip – Make sure you’ve got a few episodes, games, or favourite movies downloaded for the kids if your WIFI isn’t going to be up and running that first night!


Regardless of how far you’ve moved, a cup of tea once you’ve arrived is a must! If you have employed the help of professional movers, or just roped in friends and family, offering up regular drinks will keep your helpers happy, plus supply of snacks to keep up energy levels.

Kettle/Selection of mugs/Tea and coffee/Milk/Biscuits and snacks (extras if you have children with you!) selection of cutlery/Washing up kit/Kitchen roll/Surface cleaner.

Bathroom and Cleaning kit

Unfortunately we don’t all have the same standards – you may have left your house gleaming for your buyers, but there is no guarantee your new home will be left in the same state. So it’s important to have a cleaning kit at the ready…

Loo rolls/Bleach/Hand soap/Hand towel/Your own toiletry bag/First aid kit/Cleaning kit/Rubber gloves (for just in case!) Bin bags.


Something we often overlook, and after a tiring day moving and unpacking, the last thing you need is to searching boxes hunting out bedding! If you’re moving with young children think about keeping their duvets and pillows in the car, made up and ready to go.

Pillows/Duvets/Bed linen/Towels/Phone chargers/Pyjamas and change of clothes (extra clothes for children in case of accident or spillage) For younger children – nightlight or clock, a few books, teddies or a few of their favourite toys, tablet or form of entertainment

In case of emergency

A small toolkit should definitely make an appearance in your Essentials kit. If nothing else, pack a utility knife to cut through tape on boxes. If you’ve used a screwdriver to take apart beds, you will want one with you to put them together again!

Top Tip – keep screws and parts together in a zip-lock bag when dismantling furniture. Attach bags with tape to furniture so you don’t lose them!


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