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Self storage as breathing space

MyStore Team

Self storage can be helpful during the hardest of times.

The death of a loved one, a breakdown of a relationship, sudden changes in circumstances. These are all traumatic times that we may face at points in our lives. It is often an overwhelming, and upsetting time. In many cases, a lot of physical things to make decisions on. This is where self storage can be incredibly helpful.

There is so much stuff to sort through…

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Following the death of a loved one (or a relationship breakdown) we can find ourselves with a sudden influx of belongings. Often these belongings have sentimental value and evoke emotion when they arrive in our homes. Sometimes we simply don’t know what to do with the belongings, and we don’t have the available space (or brain capacity) to deal with them. On occasion we need other family members to go through the items with us.

This is when a secure self storage room can be of real help. The belongings stay safely in a neutral place, with easy access and space to sort things through – without having to have the stuff in your own home sanctuary.

At an award-winning facility like MyStore self storage in Witney, the staff are well versed in difficult situations. They understand the issues being faced and have the empathy and kindness to treat you with care and compassion. They will always offer you a cuppa and a place to chat if you need it.

Self storage with MyStore also offers complete flexibility, you can use the space for as long or as little as you need. You can scale your room up, or down, and this can all be decided on the same day. MyStore gives you the breathing space you need – with compassionate staff who genuinely care. At life’s most difficult times…it’s the little things that make a difference.

If you find yourself in need of some breathing space, contact the MyStore team on 01993 224422 where they can chat through options and help advise you.

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