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Indoor vs Outdoor Storage

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Storage is storage, space is space…right?

Well, kind of! But in reality there are a lot of options available these days. Not only for your budget but the kind of space you actually get. Read on for my quick guide to choosing the right storage space for you.

 Internal rooms VS outside spaces

Mystore 12 MinDepending on what you’re storing and the time of year you need storage is a definite factor. External shipping container storage can work brilliantly as a lower cost option. Things to watch out for – check if the container has air vents (to help air flow and lower condensation which occur

naturally when storing goods outside) If you’re storing throughout the winter, the weather will be a factor you will need to consider.

Clothes, linens and anything of real value will always be happier (and safer) in an internal storage option. Generally, in modern self storage facilities (Like MyStore in Witney) the internal temperature fluctuates by as little as 5 degrees all year round, due to the nature of the buildings themselves. Making internal storage rooms the perfect places to store your family paintings or that christening gown that’s been handed down the generations!

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Short term VS long term storage options

Something that is worth considering is how long you need your stuff in store for. Going away travelling for a year and need a place to dump your stuff and not see it again for 12 months? Perhaps consider long term container storage. You usually get stung if you need to keep accessing the goods, one take-down is generally included in your price. Compare prices for this VS traditional self storage.

If you need space for a couple of weeks to dump your stuff while waiting for a house sale to complete, make sure your storage option doesn’t have a minimal length term. Chose a company, like MyStore, who offer complete flexibility and can work with you.

Will the access work for me?

ALWAYS check the access terms when considering what storage option to chose. Some facilities only have office hours access. Would this work for you? Will you need to access at weekends? Would you have to pay more for this? MyStore in Witney offers standard access as 6am-10pm everyday of the year. Need 24 hours access? Not a problem, and no you don’t have to pay extra!

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Hook-in deals and costs

Some storage facilities have some incredible initial deals and discounts. These can work brilliantly if you only need the space for the duration of the deal. But if you know you’ll be using the space for longer, do some homework first and compare to other storage options. Don’t be hoodwinked by complicated pricing deals!

MyStore likes to be different. Unlike other companies, we advertise our prices on our website. If one of our customers refers us, we give them a £50 thank-you credit. We like things simple (a bit like me!) we like things fair, and we like to be different. Contact me at MyStore self storage to find out more…

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