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Why should businesses care about "Going Green"?

MyStore Team

So here at MyStore Self Storage Witney, we are always looking at ways in which we can reduce plastic waste, lower our carbon footprint and Go Green! We’ve come up with four basic reasons to “Why Go Green?” that any business can consider:

1. Go Green for the Environment

This may or may not be your top reason for why you should Go Green, but it definitely is the main reason behind the concept of environmental sustainability. Why? Simply put, you won’t have a business to run if you don’t have a planet to do your business on! Here at MyStore we pride ourselves on our recyclable and/or bio-degradable boxes, bubble and packaging. So when it comes to moving home or storing your things you can be happy in the knowledge that if you buy from us you are buying quality products that are environmentally friendly.

Here are some interesting facts we think you need to know:

The average business consumes 1,175,000 KWH/year. That’s enough to power 65 average sized homes for a whole year! 

The average business consumes 3.6 tons of paper/year. The equivalent of a large garden full of trees. Assuming an average sized city has 100 businesses, imagine the amount of land they use up every year.

The average sized business consumes 480,000 m3 of water/year. This equates to 2 million, 400 thousand barrels of water! The sad thing is: more than 20% of that water is not needed. 

2. Go Green to Reduce Waste & Lower Costs

Going Green With MystoreA reduction of waste ultimately means a decrease in costs. The result in reducing your waste is an overall improvement in business efficiency. There are some easy steps that staff can do such as turning off unneeded switches and lights in the office, install energy saving light bulbs to reduce energy costs, print less or print on both sides of the paper to cut down on paper consumption and refilling your ink cartilages instead of throwing them away will reduce the amount of plastic waste you generate. Small actions like these basically mean you get to decrease your utility costs and even better, increase your company’s bottom line, brilliant!

3. Go Green for Public Image & Increased Sales

People love businesses that “care” about the planet. Studies show that consumers are more attracted (and loyal) to companies that actively show they are taking steps to help the environment. Throughout the last decade, global warming has moved from the shadows into the limelight and has become an extremely hot topic of late; to the extent that consumers are no longer looking at “going green” as enough of an effort, they are actually demanding it from businesses.

A positive public image is guaranteed to increase sales. Studies have shown that companies with green initiatives, and better still – green products, have witnessed an increase in profits. It is very important to note that your effort in maintaining an eco-friendly business is a social obligation to your community; ultimately you have to share the same environment as them.

4. Go Green for your Employees!

Smart companies try to provide the best working environment for their employees. Just like you can’t have a business if you don’t have a planet to do it on, you CAN’T have a business if you don’t have employees to run it for you! Keeping the air healthy whilst being an environmentally responsible business attracts employees. And yes, that affects staff retention and of course productivity! The team at MyStore know the importance of a clean, bright and spacious office to work in and we notice the effects of our welcoming workplace on each customer that walks through our door!

So there you have it folks! MyStore’s four best reasons any business needs to know about “Going Greener”! We hope you found this blog useful, if you enjoyed reading this you should check out our blog about Hygge inside the home!

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