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The top 10 things to look for when buying a new home

MyStore Team

Looking to buy a new home?

One in four of us are considering buying a new home in the next five years. Speaking from experience those that buy a new build regularly require some sort of additional storage. Over the past 2 years MyStore has saved hundreds of customers from having to find extra money to extend their home or convert their garage. We have created the space here in Witney – so you don’t have to. MyStore is literally just a stones throw away from the housing developments on Windrush Place and Burford Road.

The top 10 factors are

Let’s take a look at the most important factors that buyers look for when buying a new home. A survey conducted by Santander Mortgages discovered that more people are concerned with where the property is located and less about the house itself. The results of the survey revealed that the average Brit would be willing to pay a further £6000 to live closer to work or in a safer neighbourhood!

Here are the findings:

1. Being close to work — a third of Brits cite this as essential when buying a new home. It’s even considered more important than being close to family.

2. Being next to public transport — 28% say being next to a train, tube, or bus station is a key factor. In addition, being able to cycle to work is still popular with commuters and MyStore has plenty of bike storage for cycling enthusiasts!

3. More space — 27% say they are moving because they need and want more space, although it is still only third in the ranking. Put your extra things in a storage room at MyStore and you’ll never need to worry about a shortage of space again!

4. Good school catchment — 19% of people say living next to a rated school is the biggest priority for them and are willing to pay the average £6,275 for the luxury.

5. Nearby access to green space — if people can’t get a garden or their own outdoor area, 17% say living near a park or some greenery is number one on their list.

6. Having a garage or parking space — with some people making thousands of selling parking spaces separately to desperate car owners, around 15% of survey respondents cite parking as their top priority. Garage storage is extremely useful, but failing that MyStore can provide you with the equivalent sized storage room.

7. Being next to the shops — some 15% of people are willing to pay on average an extra £6000 to be closer to local amenities.

8. Investment potential — interestingly, a bulk of Britons looking to move are thinking about how much money they could make from their property in the long term. 

9. A south facing garden — while some people are just grateful for some outdoor space, 12% say having a garden that gets all the sun is the most important factor to them.

10. A private outdoor area — around 11% said they would like to have this, even if it means just a balcony or a tiny courtyard.

Let us help you

So as home buyers increasingly sacrifice space for location the need for internal space when buying a new home has never been greater! Let MyStore be your spare room, your garden shed, your utility cupboard, your walk-in wardrobe or even your stock room.

Dogs are welcome 😉

We are here to help you make the most of the space inside your home. Why not take a look around our fabulous facility using our 360 degrees virtual tour! With no appointment necessary, why not pop into MyStore today?
Dogs are welcome, always!

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