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It's time to rediscover your garden

MyStore Team

It’s time to make way for Summer and rediscover your garden!

Time for a spring clean

Your garden has been exposed to all the harshest elements in the winter months, so the first thing to do is to clear the debris ready for the new spring
bulbs and plants. Remove any dead plants from the winter as they’re not going to grow back in the summer.

Start pruning

Cut plants back before the old growth gets tangled up with the new. Also, do the same for your trees – trim the broken or dead branches and prune and shape the tree, so that it is ready to grow in the warmer months. Prune perennials down to ground level. Remove the winter mulch, they’ve done their job protecting against the cold weather now.

Get rid of those weeds

Do some proactive weeding rather than letting them grow. The damp soil makes it easier to pull the seedlings out. Remember, don’t compost them because they’ll come back to haunt you!

Make a plan

Planning your garden is important. If you plan properly and mix perennials with annual flowers, you’ll be able to keep your garden looking colourful pretty much all year round. Don’t forget to plant according to the height of your plants too so that even the shorter ones can get ample sunshine.

Show your garden off

Maybe you want to get your garden looking its best to sell it, or you just want to enjoy a garden full of colourful flowers and plants with your family and friends. When the warmer months arrive pull out your garden furniture from your self storage room, clean up your trusty BBQ and invite the neighbours over! Whatever you do, don’t get lost in your garden this spring, make a start on rediscovering

If you have a garden shed to clear,  need a storage room for your tools or just want somewhere to keep your garden furniture in good condition then just give MyStore Self Storage in Witney a call on 01993 22 44 22 

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