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Top Tips For Re-Decorating your home

MyStore Team

Re-decorating can be a daunting process, especially If you are embarking on your first project, so keep it simple to start with. Having ‘done it myself’ many times over (and made every mistake it is possible to make). I’ve written some top tips for re-decorating your home below, so hopefully you can avoid all the mess-ups I made!

The easiest way, according to experts, whilst redecorating, is to move your furniture into self-storage whilst you are carrying out the work. This saves you (and your back!) the frustration of having to move items from one room to the other, and back again.

Preparation is key

use filler to cover up gaps and fill holes, sand off any woodwork, and clean your surfaces first with some sugar soap (available from most hardware stores) before you start.

Free up some space

all those pictures, lamps, bookshelves etc will only slow you down. The easiest way is to move your things into a secure self-storage room while you are decorating, leaving you the space to get on with the job (without falling over the pile of your stuff in the middle of the floor)!

Remove your hardware 

remove all door handles, hinges, light switch plates etc. If you’ve never tried to paint around them before, there’s no point torturing yourself! Far easier to remove and replace afterwards.

Do all your cutting in and edges FIRST

you’ll find the job gets done faster and produce better results!

Buy cheap, buy twice

this goes for paint, brushes and masking tape. Super cheap paint will generally result in you having to do extra coats to ensure even coverage. Some DIY stores do paint colour matching services (meaning you can get designer colours for DIY store prices) Value-type paint brushes are best avoided too – they tend to shed bristles all over your fresh paint work, it’s not only annoying and messy to remove them, it can really wreck the finish. And it’s worth investing in a decent brand of masking tape suited to the job – regular tape is too sticky and will leave marks or rip off your new fresh paint. We recommend local Witney business – The Relics of Witney for fine quality paint.

Always start at the TOP

of the wall and work downwards. Only ever dip the brush in a quarter of the way into the pot, or excess paint will flow down the brush onto your hand.

Clean and tidy as you go

Keep a clean, damp cloth with you as you work, meaning you’re ready to deal with mess-ups as they occur. Or some white spirit handy if you’re doing gloss work.

Buy a bottle

of your favourite tipple to celebrate your accomplishment! (once you’ve finished!)

Finally, if you just need to clear some stuff out from under your feet simply bring it all down to MyStore in Witney, West Oxfordshire and give your home some extra space! Take a look around our spacious facility using our 360 virtual tour or get in touch with us on 01993 224422.

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