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Is your spare room your stock room?

MyStore Team

Shopping habits have changed dramatically over the course of the last decade. Rather than popping out to the shops to pick something up, it’s more common to choose next day delivery from Amazon Prime and never have to leave the comfort of your home!

The internet is fast becoming the destination of choice for shoppers, heaping pressure on traditional bricks and mortar retailers who are struggling to keep up with their online-only rivals. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that more and more people today run their e-businesses from the comfort of their own home or even abroad! This convenient set up reduces their costs immensely and with no business rates to pay it enables them to sell their products through their website or online shops such as Etsy and Ebay and even Facebook Marketplace.

So where do e-businesses store their stock?

Definitely not in their spare room! There is an obvious demand for storage space in the home and modern houses are just not built with space in mind. A spacious, secure and easily accessible storage facility in Witney is the answer to all your problems. So why not let MyStore Self Storage be a hub for your business? MyStore have 100’s of rooms to choose from, so if you’re struggling for space or need to off-load last season’s stock, we’re here to help! Every room is individually alarmed and locked with your own key. 24-hour CCTV and intruder alarms monitor our facility to give you complete peace of mind if you are going away for a while or storing valuable product with us for some time.

Can I store for 6 months or more?

Long term business storage is the clear option for you if you need to store for 6 months or more. Our room sizes range from small rooms to the size of a large double garage and everything in between. The team at MyStore will help you decide which room is the best fit for your long-term storage. We’ll even take deliveries for you if you can’t be there and don’t forget we sell a large range of boxes and packing materials to keep your things safe on the move and while they’re in storage.

Are there any savings to be had?

Yes! With MyStore you can save up to 10% by taking one of our rooms on a long term basis. Talk to the MyStore team about your long-term business storage needs and we’ll make sure that you get the best value whilst you store with us.

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