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Is your business taking a risk?

MyStore Team

There seems to be a growing trend across the UK for businesses to choose self-storage for their company documentation. Managers are becoming more aware of the benefits of remote document storage over in-house storage. Storing documents in a self-storage facility is a far better alternative to in-house document storage; it brings a whole host of benefits with it and minimal risk. We have put together a few things to consider when deciding between self storage and in-house storage for your business.

Document Theft

Document theft can be very detrimental to your business: the threat of outsiders stealing your company financials or client’s personal information is a huge risk for any business. By moving your document storage to a designated self-store you would be removing the danger of data being stolen. Self storage sites are typically secure and monitored by high-level security and CCTV systems to ensure that documents are being watched over and protected 24/7. In addition, no-one apart from you has access to your room. The out of hours key code access at MyStore Self Storage allows you to gain entry to the main gate and the same unique code gives you access to the building and your room is locked by your own padlock. Your padlock key and your alarm code are unique to you and those you share them with. In the unlikely event of someone attempting to steal from within a storage facility such as MyStore in Witney, the CCTV and alarms will actively notify the site managers.

Environmental Damage

MyStore has taken steps to ensure the protection of business documents. Their purpose-built facility is temperate and dry so your documents are protected from any damp or humid conditions. MyStore’s double walled boxes, waterproof bubble and shrink wrap on sale in-store will give your files and paperwork added protection. A business using remote storage rather than in-house storage will have the confidence that their documents and sensitive information are protected, no matter what happens at their own premises. This also means more space around the office and less hazards such as tripping over files or fire risks!

Self storage is your safe bet

In summary, we feel it’s not worth any business taking the risk of keeping their company files in-house. A self-storage facility such as MyStore is a much better option. They are designed for storage and measures have been put in place to ensure ultimate security at all times.

If you are interested in long term business storage with MyStore Self Storage in Witney please give them a call on 01993 224422 to discuss your needs.

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