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How to keep your valuables safe

MyStore Team

Making sure your self storage room is secure is important. Afterall, if you are going to the effort to store your belongings then they are probably worth protecting too. Before you fill your storage room make sure you’re doing everything you can to protect your things.

1. Purchase the best lock you can afford

MyStore Self Storage sells the best padlocks to secure your storage room, but you can also bring your own. A padlock is meant to be a deterrent from a quick, unplanned theft. Select a lock that is resistant to bolt cutters and lock tampering. Whether it’s business storage, personal storage, art storage or even wine storage a strong lock is a wise long-term investment.

2. Know what not to put in your storage room

There are plenty of things that you are not allowed to put into a storage room. MyStore has a list of prohibited goods that can be found here. As far as security goes, don’t put anything in your storage room that insurance won’t cover in the event of a loss. For instance, cash is not covered by insurance so take it to the bank! In some cases fine jewellery is not covered. Be sure to check with your insurance provider or with before storing anything extremely valuable in your storage room. We can provide StoreProtect to protect your things whilst in storage, find out more here –

how to secure your valuables

3. Keep a current inventory list of items

Many customers make the mistake of not keeping an inventory list of what is inside their storage room. This might seem like a pain, but it will be invaluable to you and the insurance/Protection company in the event something is taken. Also, consider that in a year or so, you might forget what is inside your commercial or domestic storage room. In the event something is stolen or misplaced, you might not even realise without an accurate inventory.

4. Choose indoor storage for extra protection

If security is a large concern for you because you might be a commercial business for instance, consider renting a storage room that is located inside a storage building such as MyStore. This allows for an extra layer of protection because the building is protected with keypad access. Businesses looking for office storage in Witney should certainly consider MyStore as we boast individually alarmed rooms with our own unique pin code and 24-hour access every day of the week! Helpful Guide: take a look at our guide on how to choose the right type of storage for you.

5. Don’t give anyone your access code or key

Be wary of who you let into your storage room and the facility. Don’t advertise where and what you are keeping in your storage room to anyone except the people near and dear to you. If you are a business using your storage room for commercial storage then keep a record of which employees have access. At MyStore Self Storage in Witney you can change your access codes anytime you like.

6. Take out Protection

Protection is required for the contents of each customer’s storage room at MyStore. We understand that things sometimes do happen no matter how many precautions are taken. Unlike other storage facilities that might allow you to take the risk, we simply won’t. If your current home policy doesn’t cover your items in storage, then we can offer protection. Even if the storage facility you are using doesn’t require insurance, we recommend you take out a policy anyway because coverage is inexpensive and you’ll have peace of mind. Make sure you review your policy so you understand the ins and outs of what’s covered and what is not covered, and be sure it covers the full value of your belongings!

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