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How secure is self storage?

MyStore Team

There are over 2050 self storage sites in the UK and it’s not always easy to know how secure self storage facilities are by doing a quick drive by. So how do you know how secure self storage is? The answer to that question lies in what the company does to help prevent theft in the first place. Here at MyStore Self Storage in Witney, Oxfordshire, we take storage theft very seriously. The customer should recognise the difference between a well-maintained storage facility and one that couldn’t care less about the customer’s safety.

Our Witney storage facility offers the following security features to help protect your belongings. It’s important that you find a company, such as MyStore, that provides the same level of security so you’re not left in the dark, literally!

A Digital Surveillance System

A digital surveillance system (CCTV) records the activity on our property 24 hours a day. Be sure to ask what kind of surveillance the facility in question provides. Surveillance that is stored digitally, as per our privacy policy, is superior to tape storage because the digital option offers the best quality of video with little risk of a coverage lapse.

Password Protected Access

Our facility uses a 24 hours access system that requires customers and employees entering the property to enter a unique access code at gates and doors. All our storage rooms are individually alarmed. This security measure greatly limits who can access the storage facility and allows us to review who has entered and exited the property if necessary.

Efficient Lighting in All Areas

No matter where you are, we will most certainly have proper lighting. Our team walk the inside and outside of the building twice daily to be sure lighting is functioning correctly and nothing is untoward. If a light bulb is out, we’ll replace it promptly. Look for facilities that have exterior lighting that will deter trespassing and interior lighting that is either always lit or motion-activated.

A Well-Maintained Property

Thieves are trained to know the vulnerabilities of a property from a damaged fence to a broken keypad. When choosing a self-storage facility, it’s important to know that if a maintenance issue comes up that it will be addressed promptly. Facilities that are understaffed or lack the proper resource are much more susceptible to theft than a property that is meticulously maintained. Outside of office hours the entry/exit gates at MyStore are closed, and can only open with a customers’ unique pin-code. Therefore preventing access to anyone who is not a customer.

Proper Employee Protocol

MyStore employees are trained to do a few key things that will greatly reduce the chance of theft. The team do daily checks to be sure all occupied storage rooms are properly locked. If your room was left unlocked (mistakes happen), you can rest assured knowing you’ll receive a call about it. Our CCTV overnight monitoring company brief the team and footage is then reviewed. Like any good hotel takes their guests safety seriously, MyStore staff take the safety of your stuff very seriously!

As always we are here to help. Check out our FAQ page for answers to some of our most frequently asked questions or simply get in touch with our fabulous team on 01993 224422.

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