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How do I choose the right Self Storage for me?

MyStore Team

Money can be tight at this time of year, this often means that up-sizing to a larger house or expanding your current home could be out of the question. Self-storage is an amazingly affordable solution to the problem millions of us face in our homes – a serious lack of space!

If you have possessions you need storing but simply can’t find the space in your house, MyStore Self Storage in Witney could be the solution for you.

When considering a self-storage facility, it’s important to compare what the various companies offer and make sure you find the right storage for you. With a lot of self-storage providers out there, this can be a daunting task.Orange Door, Green Door, Blue Door  So the girls at MyStore have made it ‘simples!’ We’ve come up with 5 things you should consider when choosing where to store your belongings!

What type of storage do I need?

Finding the right, suitable and cost-effective storage is vital. Firstly, make sure you know the difference between container storage and self storage. Have a good idea of the size you need, the room must be able to fit all of your belongings in whilst accounting for any adjustments you may wish to make during your rental time. To only half-fill your room would be a waste of money so it’s important to make a note of the size of the things you want to store and then get quotes based on the right room size for you. At MyStore you can store short or long term as there is no fixed contract length, we also offer discounts for long-term storage.


Next consider whether or not you need regular access to your stored belongings. If you think you will need regular access to your room then check travel distances to and from the self store and then assess how easy the storage facility is to get to. Is it inconveniently placed slap bang in the centre of a city or is it accessibly placed on the outskirts of one so that you can avoid rush-hour traffic? Don’t be surprised if you find a number of storage companies appearing in your Google search that are nowhere near where they advertise! Yes, we were just as shocked! So be sure to check Google’s location map every time you search and before you make the trip to visit them.


How often do you expect to access your storage room and at what times of the day? Although some self-storage facilities are open 24/7, this isn’t always the case. To your luck MyStore Self Storage does offer 24-hour access, 7 days a week! Wow! So please consider this factor when obtaining storage quotes because on demand access will usually cost considerably more than self stores that are only open 9 to 5.

Special Offers

Discounts and special offers can be found in every self storage business. There are a range of different offers out there, from getting your first month free, through to long term discounts, most self-storage companies will be running some kind of promotion and many of them are a bit confusing. However, to get the best deal read the small print and be sure to price match. Perhaps pay a visit to the storage facility, because meeting the team can give you a sense of the type of business they are, their professionalism and how much they are willing to go out of their way to help you. It can be a real turn off if staff aren’t helpful, or worse, not even there when you turn up! Fortunately there is always someone at MyStore everyday and you never need to make an appointment.


Security and safety are very important factors when choosing your self-storage provider. Keeping your things safe is a huge priority for MyStore; we offer the highest levels of security and safety whilst you are on site. MyStore gives you total peace of mind whilst you are storing in one of our dry indoor storage rooms. Out of hours pin code access allows you to gain entry through the main gate and the same unique code gives you access into the building and through to your room. Don’t forget that you can access your storage room at MyStore anytime you like!

It makes perfect sense to shop around for the best quality self-storage company that can offer you something in return for your custom. MyStore in Witney offers various discounts so please ask us to tell you about them and we’d be glad to make you a hot beverage and show you around anytime! Give us a call on 01993 224422 or drop us an email at

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