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How furniture storage can make your house move simpler

MyStore Team

Against the clock

Moving house is stressful enough for anyone. It’s just made that bit more tiring when there’s a period of time between leaving your current house and getting into the new one. You’ll more than likely be under time constraints that mean rushing decisions about whether to pack or throw certain things. If you do have the luxury of a bit of time to pack your stuff carefully, that’s great. The reality is that even the best estate agents can struggle to get the dates to align perfectly, leading you to rely on temporary accommodation. If you’ve managed to secure a friend’s sofa, hotel or short term rental, you’ll still probably need somewhere to put all your furniture and belongings.

Temporary Storage

Being able to put your stuff into temporary storage can be a blessing in disguise. It gives you a bit more time to think about what you should keep and what can be donated or thrown away. It can be a great buffer to stop you from losing something that has great sentimental value to you.

The difference between us and other furniture storage companies is the access to your stuff. One unexpected phone call can mean you get the keys to your new house that day. A lot of temporary storage companies use containerised storage that gets packed and stacked amongst a sea of other containers. You’d usually need to give a couple of weeks’ notice to get to your belongings. At MyStore Self Storage, you can come and go as you please; taking things out or adding more whenever you want.

Simple, Easy and Cost Effective

Simplicity is key to making your move go smoothly and that’s where we can help at MyStore. Once you’ve put your furniture and boxes into one of our temporary storage rooms, the terms are totally flexible. You can get to your stuff whenever you want and won’t need to give us any notice.

Changes in your storage requirements:

If you get into the house and need to do some decorating it might be easier to keep some furniture in storage. You can simply downsize your storage room based on how much space you need. Our room sizes vary from a locker to a unit big enough to hold the possessions of a standard four-bedroom house.

If you need a bit of help to decide what size room you need, we’ve made it easy. Just upload photos of the groups of things you need to store here and we’ll be in touch with some advice shortly.

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