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From de-cluttering to Natural Cleaning

MyStore Team

Last month we discussed how de-cluttering and clearing out some physical space can help de-clutter your mind. This month the focus is on Natural Cleaning. If your new years’ resolution included trying to cut down on plastic waste – read on!Lemon

We are all very aware of the climate crisis our planet is in, and if you, like me, want to look at other solutions to keeping your home clean and fresh WITHOUT having to buy plastic bottles full of chemicals – look no further. Traditional household cleaners and detergents on the high street contain some powerful chemicals, and exacerbate skin complaints. By looking back at the way our Grannies did things back in the day – we can learn a lot. They certainly knew what they were doing, our grandparents’ generation were the original recycler and re-users – nothing went to waste. So, lets take a trip back into the past, to see what we can learn…

Plastic Bottles

Top tip – Don’t throw away your old spray cleaning bottles – you can use these to re-fill with your own cleaning solutions.  Here at MyStore we have invested in industrial sized cleaning products – and keep our old smaller bottles to re-fill.

Another top tip – if you are planning on a proper deep clean, consider taking out a Self-Storage room at MyStore. Fill it with excess household items – leaving you space at home to clean behind, around, under and above – to get your home really sparkling!

 5 great all-rounder cleaning products you will find in your kitchen cupboard (or to put on your next shopping list)


Soda crystals have been in use for 100 years and have multiple uses , super cheap; a 1KG bag will set you back £1.25! Cleaning washing machine – help remove limescale and detergent build up as well as deodorising your machine. Run a hot wash with an empty machine with 1 cup soda crystals. Soak stains in a solution of crystals and water. Prevents drains from getting blocked. Removing stubborn, burnt on foods from pots and pans – strong paste – leave overnight – minimal scrubbing required!

White vinegarUse as rinse aid in dishwasher, keep glasses streak and cloudy free. Use on windows, mirrors and shower screens mixed with water for sparkling glass – remove with scrunched-up newspaper. Use in kettle and iron to remove limescale build up. Freshen up after a pet has an accident, white vinegar will clean and deodorise – best of all it deters your pet from re-offending!

Bicarbonate of sodause a 50/50 paste with bicarb and water – use to gently remove marks and scuffs from walls. It adds abrasion to any cleaning solution. Deodorise your cat litter by sprinkling it in! Deodorise carpets by sprinkling liberally, leaving for 30 mins and hoovering up, gets rid of any smells.

LemonSqueeze the juice into a glass jug with half a cup of water, drop the lemon segments in too. Microwave for 3 mins. Leave for 5 mins, don’t open door. Wipe with clean cloth! Wooden chopping board – sprinkle with coarse salt. Use half a lemon (doesn’t need to be fresh – can be already squeezed) to rub over salt cut side down. Let sit for 5 mins. Scrape the grey dirty liquid off with a scraper. Give surface final wipe with clean water.

Cornflour – has multiple uses in the home. Stinky shoes? Sprinkle a bit of cornflour in the offending pair & leave to sit overnight. Due to cornflour’s fine granular nature it’s a great natural abrasive – and can help make window cleaning a breeze. Shake a tablespoon into your water and white vinegar glass cleaner mix.

If you’re inspired to give your home an old fashioned spring clean – why not let us help? Move your clutter into a self-storage room at MyStore for as little as £9 per week. 

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