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4 ways our Witney based self storage can improve your life

MyStore Team

There are so many reasons why we think our self storage rooms in Witney are great. We have rooms ranging from 15 sq ft to 150 sq ft.  that can be used for personal or business storage. Whether its for decluttering, renovating or your any other reason!

Here are 4 ways that self storage can make your life just that bit easier:

Declutter your home

Do you have bits and bobs lying around and getting in your way? We all know it can be hard getting rid of things, and now you don’t have to. If you’ve got stuff like furniture, toys or clothes. You don’t really have the room for but don’t want rid of just yet, then our self storage rooms are perfect for you. You can come and go as you please; putting more in or taking stuff out – your room is yours to do with as you please.

Renovating or redecorating

It can be a real pain trying to manoeuvre around your furniture when decorating your home. We can help you clear it all out whilst the work is ongoing, so you can get things done a bit faster. You can store your stuff with us for just 1 week or for as long as you need. See the sizes available here.

Storing possessions after a loss

After losing someone the last thing you may want to do is sort through their lifetime’s possessions after selling their home. You can feel comfortable in the knowledge that their furniture and belongings will be safe and secure in our storage rooms. No-one apart from you has access to your room, and your key and your alarm code are unique to you. We have CCTV monitoring the facilities 24 hours a day and you can come and go as you please. You can store everything with us until you’re ready to go through it, or keep it here longer term.

Store your future fortune

Have you held onto your old Beanie Babies or Lego collections? We’ve probably all got something hiding out in the loft or spare room. We’re convinced itll be worth something someday. We’re guessing you’ve been nagged once or twice to get rid and clear out the space, but we’re on your side – don’t throw them out! Keep them hidden in our self storage rooms, locked away from any accidental charity shop runs.

If there’s any way that you think our self storage rooms in Witney can help. Please get in touch. We’ll happily advise you on what we think is the best storage solution for you.

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