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Retirement couple put their faith in MyStore

Chris came to MyStore with a spring in his step towards his retirement, due to downsizing he was looking for a safe and secure place to store his belongings.

“Friendly, Helpful and Professional” 

From living in a 4-bedroom detached house Chris and his wife knew transferring their belongings into their 2-bed retirement home would be a tight squeeze! Where do you put “stuff” when you downsize? Chris and his wife planned to use a garage to store their belongings but when his daughter and son in law expressed their own need for storage, as a family they decided to share a storage room.

Chris and his wife already have a storage facility where they live, 12 miles from Witney. Why did they not choose to use their current storage facility? Chris and his wife felt we were more trustworthy:

“Why didn’t we choose that one? It is not so well laid out, not as clean and tidy, and more expensive! My Store also publish their unit hire rates: our local one does not. They give you a quote, which if I am suspicious may vary with how affluent the client looks. All the My Store staff we have met are friendly, helpful, efficient, and professional (in the best sense). Basically, we felt we could trust you!”

Chris and his wife


Chris has not only found the perfect place to store his family’s belongings, but has also made a friend in MyStore for life. If, like Chris and his wife, you are looking for a self storage room local to Witney, West Oxfordshire why not get in contact with one of the MyStore team. We can help you choose the size from a variety, and set everything up for you within 15 minutes. Give us a call or fill out an online booking form. 


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