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Pandemic emergency storage!

Bruce was in Japan for what was meant to be a six-month stay that turned out to be much longer. Mg 0491The pandemic struck while he was gone, preventing him from returning to the UK; in addition, Bruce had recently bought a new property in the UK. His new home was being renovated and decorated, and due to the pandemic, Bruce quickly realised he needed storage to hold the contents of his home and so he contacted MyStore.

We were able to offer Bruce a storage solution along with a non-fixed term contract. This was extremely helpful during the pandemic and Bruce quoted how the flexibility of MyStore truly helped during that time. Our 24-hour security systems and safe facilities alleviated Bruce’s concerns while he was away from home.

I found it very helpful knowing my belongings were safe and secure at MyStore

Storage can be an emergency depending on the circumstances; but, with MyStore’s flexibility, we can work out a storage solution that meets your demands; our contracts can be completed remotely, which means you won’t even need to come into our office!- we bring our office to you.

Bruce is finally settled in his new home after a three-year wait, with all his belongings in their rightful place. His future goals include sitting back relaxing, and enjoying himself. I’m sure we can both raise a cup of tea in celebration!

If you’re looking for emergency storage then get in touch with us! we can help you. 01993 224422.

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