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How to: Make the most out of your Business self-storage room.

Whether you’re storing your business archives, or using the storage room as your stock room, organisation is key.


150sqft Room With Pump Truck(1)

room with pump truck

  • If you’re storing archives, make sure the boxes are well packed and well labelled. Saving you time when it comes to finding them again
  • Store heaviest boxes at the bottom.
  • If you can – make an inventory as the boxes go in the room.
  • Place more frequently accessed boxes closest to the door for easy access.
  • If you’re using the storage room as an extension of your business – declutter before you move in!
  • Consider shelving units to organise your stock. Making it easier to see what you’ve got, speed up your orders going out and prevent your existing goods being damaged when more stock arrives.
  • If you have deliveries coming in, or going out – speak to us, MyStore staff can help!
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