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Sarah’s top tips for self-isolating with children

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We are living in incredibly uncertain times, and have no way of knowing how long this could go on for, and yet, we must ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’. With yesterday’s announcement from our Prime Minister that UK schools will close from Friday ‘until further notice’ along with Bars, Cafe’s and Theatres, things have suddenly become very real. I thought I’d put together my top tips to staying calm and keeping you and your children’s minds occupied during this period of self isolation.

Top Tips for being in self isolation with children:

Children Drawing• Daily routine; children need routine and will be happier for it. Depending on the age of the children, this could be a ‘to-do’ list that they themselves manage, stick it on the fridge so they can see what they need to do and when.

• If you have issues with your little people constantly snacking, think about a ‘Tuck Shop’ system. Give them a daily budget, like £1, and price your goods accordingly! for example; Crisps 50p, Banana 10p, Chocolate biscuit 40p, Crackers 20p etc…

• Exercise daily; Aim for at least 1 hour of exercise per day. Be that a run around a field, skipping ropes in the back garden or even get creative with sets of exercises in the house.

• Online yoga and fitness classes: You can now access many classes online. This is a perfect opportunity for you and the rest of your household to do a yoga or fitness class together! Not only is yoga great for your body, it’s also brilliant for the mind – to focus on breathing for a while can really help ease anxiety.

• Facetime/Video calls with your family and friends is key.

• Designated TV time – Clear a slot on your daily schedule for this; You’ll need some time to yourself!

• Embrace Nature; The National Trust this week said they are allowing public access to their spaces for free. Head to your closest park and make the most of nature – our closest is Blenheim Palace, Woodstock.

• Sing; lots of online choirs have gained momentum this week. Perhaps as a family you could nominate a song you sing together at the start of each day? As Elf said, well, I’ve amended it slightly…
“The best way to bring Corona-cheer is singing loud for all to hear.”

• Ask your children to give you a list of things they would like to learn during this time out from school. In my house we are focusing on  shoe lace tying, bike riding along with throwing and catching!

Be kind to yourself, to each other and stay safe.

Love Sarah.

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