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Prepare your home for Autumn

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Autumn trees

As the weather turns colder it’s time to think about how to get your home ready for the ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ (to quote John Keats) As the season changes from Summer to Autumn it’s time to prepare our homes, and ourselves, to say goodbye to summer once again…

Let’s start outside…


  • Sort out the garden
    Cut back bushes and trees that have had a growth spurt over the summer, remove dead bulbs and foliage, plant out your bulbs for next spring.
  • Clear your gutters from leaves
    Prevent leak issues by clearing out your gutters in Autumn.
  • Sort your garden shed
    Get your Summer kit put away, check the roof for leaks, ensure all your garden tools are safely stored away (if you find your shed roof IS leaking, popping your garden kit into self storage is always a good plan)

TOP TIP: if you have an abundance of fruit from the fruit trees in your garden that you don’t know what to do with, grab your biggest saucepan and stew your fruit and freeze into portions. Use for crumbles, pavlovas and cakes through the winter! Spice up your apples with cinnamon and your plums with a little ginger!

Inside your home…


  • Clear your chimney
    If you’re fortunate enough to have a working fireplace or log burner, make sure you book in a professional sweep! Chimney fires are on the rise in the UK and should be cleaned yearly to remove obstructions like nests and leaves.
  • Check your heating
    It hasn’t been used for months so turn it on and check your radiators are working properly – bleed them if not.
  • Service your boiler
    If it hasn’t been serviced for a while, book it in now! Prevention is always better than cure…and cheaper too!
  • Keep spiders away with peppermint
    We know conkers in the corner of the room stop working once they’ve dried out. So why not try instead, getting rid of all cobwebs, blocking any gaps where spiders could enter and experiment with peppermint oil! According to research peppermint oil (or tea bags) placed round the room may help deter spiders from making their home in our home!

If you want to get organised this autumn, why not make a start by moving your outside summer kit into self storage. Always remember that self storage with MyStore is always accessible because we give all our valued customers 24 hour access, 7 days a week.  So why not pop in and drop a few things off after you’ve put the kids to bed? You might actually find yourself enjoying visiting your storage room because our facility is bright, clean, spacious and more secure than ever before. Your room is individually alarmed with your own personal access code and unique padlock.

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