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7 easy ways to save water this Summer

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Much of your water use at home contributes to your energy bill.

Each household in the UK uses on average around 330 litres each day. About 15 per cent of a typical gas heated household’s heating bill is from heating the water for showers, baths and hot water from the tap. This is on average about £80 a year. (Sourced from www.energysavingtrust.org.uk)

A running tap wastes more than six litres of water a minute!

Turn off the tap whilst brushing your teeth, shaving, or washing your face. Use cold water if you don’t need hot. In some parts of the world there are families who don’t even have that much water available to them for the week. It certainly puts wasting water into clear perspective. We believe that it is important to teach your entire family to save water. Keen attention to water conservation can be a wonderful focus; even for young children. Imagine how quickly those saved litres will multiply when you encourage those you live with to make a few simple lifestyle changes in the interest of water conservation.

Here are MyStore’s top 7 ways to reduce your water footprint:

1. Keep your drinking water in the fridge, we store ours in a glass bottle with a stopper. Rather than running the tap for ages waiting for the water to go cold, keep a bottle topped up in the fridge. Your drink will be colder and you will save litres of water from going down the drain.

2. Make subtle changes to your routine. In addition to turning off the water when brushing your teeth, you can save up to 680 litres of water per month simply by shortening your shower time by a minute or two. Use a timer on your phone to keep yourself on track. Similarly, if you find yourself having to wait for hot water, place a bucket in the shower to collect some of the cold water so you can use it to water your plants.

3. Fix leaky taps and running toilets. It may seem like a slow drip, but those drips add up! It’s time to get them fixed.

4. Install flow tap aerators and water-saving shower heads. Today’s modern bathroom fixtures make it easier than ever to save water without even changing your routine. Replace dated fixtures with water-efficient models to save water all year long.

5. Wait for a full load. Delay running your dishwasher and your washing machine until it has reached full capacity. This helps limit the total number of times you run the machine, saving you litres of water.

6. Invest in or perhaps create a freestanding rain barrel to re-purpose rainwater. Harvested rainwater that hasn’t come into contact with the rooftop is also a better choice for your edible crops. The internet will reveal plenty of creative rain-collecting contraptions you can attempt to build yourself or purchase. Don’t forget to add a rain saucer, which extends the surface area of your collection unit and allows you to capture even more rainwater for your plants.

7. Recycle water from your home. Unfinished water from drinking glasses, water from pots when steaming or boiling foods (once cooled), and even old water when you refresh your pet’s water bowl, can be useful in watering your household plants and flowers.

The truth is that water conservation can be much easier than you might have thought, and there are many ways to go about reducing water waste throughout the home and it’s never too late to start.

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